About the Comparative Celtic Lexicon

Triskele A Triskelion, modified from original.

Welcome to the Comparative Celtic Lexicon. The Comparative Celtic Lexicon is meant to serve as a resource for Celtic speakers, linguists, and anyone interested in the Celtic languages. Users can see and hear 288 cognates across the six modern Celtic languages: Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Breton, Manx, and Cornish. English and French equivalents are included alongside native orthography as well as pronunciation, in the form of International Phonetic Alphabet notation. Semantic domains were also incorporated into this site to allow users to search for broader categories (ex. birds) as well as individual items or concepts (ex. starling).

The words contained in the cognate sets appearing on this site were compiled by Rachel Carpenter during the course of her linguistics thesis research on Insular Celtic as the linguistic ancestor of the Brythonic and Goidelic languages (Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Revisiting the Insular Celtic hypothesis through working towards an original phonetic reconstruction of Insular Celtic - updated version available on http://brynmawr.academia.edu/RachelCarpenter/Papers). Audio recordings of cognates were collected from Celtic speakers during her two summers (2009, 2010) of field research in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France, which were graciously funded by a Hanna Holborn Undergraduate Research grant as well as an Alumnae Regional Scholar award.

Rachel Carpenter wishes to recognize the participation and help of the following persons and organizations in making her research a reality: Sister Roisin O' Cuill, Mr. Arnaud Girard, Ms. Trifin Durand, Mr. Taran Laurent, Mr. Cotel, Ms. Peggy Le Bihan, Mr. Mathieu Guihard, Mr. Bauol Le Bras, Mr. Tugdual Kaluez, Ms. Marie-Louise Royant, Ms. Nicole Lostanlen, Mme. Marie-Therese Lanieval, Mr. Soaig Lanieval, Ms. Annick Guillerm, Ms. Yvonne Leboigne, Mr. Ronan Tremel, Mr. Jean Biger, Mr. René Toullec, Mrs. Marion-Estelle Robert, Ms. Elizabeth Stewart, Mr. Craig Weatherhill, Mr. Ian Curnow, Mr. Raymond Chubb, Ms. Marsha Taylor, Ms. Vanessa Moyle, Mr. Matthew Clarke, Mr. Jori Ansell, Mr. Alex Robert, Ms. Susan Lisa Wood, Mr. Paul Rogers, Mr. Jeffrey Gainer, Ms. Felicity Roberts, Mr. Niclas Ap Glyn, Ms. Jaci Taylor, Mr. D. Sheppard, Mr. David Greaney, Ms. Mererid Hopwood, Ms. Helen Jones, Ms. Heulwen Jones, Ms. Magaidh “Maggie” Smith, Mr. John MacDonald, Ms. Jane Macleod, Mr. Ewen MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabel MacKinnon, Mr. Finlay MacIver, Mr. Domhnall Greumach, Mr. Donald Saunders, Ms. Sophia Dale, Mr. Aedan MacIntyre, Mr. Fionn O'Grada, Mr. Vincent O'Donnell, Ms. Bridie Comey, Mrs. Maureen Joyce, Ms. Eileen Duffy, Mr. Joe Joyce, Mr. Bernard Daly, Sister Rita Kinch, Ms. Aisling Dunne, Mr. Sean O'Curraoin, Ms. Siabhan Ni Adain, Mr. Christopher Lewin, Ms. Julie Matthews, Ms. Kathleen Pitts, Ms. Ealee Sheard, Ms. Rosemary Derbyshire, Mr. Robert Teare, Dr. Breesha Catherine Maddrell, Mr. Brian Stowell, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gendall, Mr. Tony Piper, Ms. Christine MacKay, Mr. Adrian Cain, Mr. Adrian Pilgrim, Mr. Phil Kelly, Mr. Phil Gawne, Mr. Seán Mac Suibhne, Ms. Gwyneth Roberts, Mr. Paul Molac, Ms. Marie-Claude David, Professor Agnes Peysson-Zeiss, Ms. Iliana Chaleva, Professor Ted Fernald, Professor K. David Harrison, Professor Shizhe Huang, Professor Jason Kandybowicz, Dr. Nancy C. Dorian, Professor Joseph Eska, Professor Donald Ringe, Professor Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Mr. Bernez an Nail, Mr. Jeremy Rowe, Mr. Terry Knight, Professor Donna Jo Napoli, Dean Charles Heyduk, The Cornish Language Partnership, The Celtic Congress, Dr. Catriona Mackie, Mr. Matthieu Boyd, Dr. Catherine McKenna, The Hanna Holborn Undergraduate Research Grant Committee, The Alumnae Regional Scholar Committee, The Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association, Dean Isabelle Barker, Mr. John Dooley, Professor Radcliffe Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carpenter, Ms. Louise St. Amour, Ms. Gwyneth Talley, and Mr. Jeremy Fahringer.